Johan Freytag (1723–1779), a chaplain serving in Uusikaarlepyy and Munsala, was called “the strong priest”. The story goes that six men once tried to roll a rock away from Juuttaantie road but failed. Freytag came to the site by chance, wrapped his arm around the rock and threw it to the roadside with such force that the rock turned around three times. This rock was protected in the 1960s and is still located along the Juuttaantie road, featuring the year 1777. (


According to a legend, Freytag was strong enough to lift, alone and without any aids, a cottage corner for placing the cornerstone. In addition, he is said to have been able to stop a windmill from turning and to hold it still until its wings were locked. Legend also has it that Freytag was called to Stockholm to swear that his unusual powers were not based on witchcraft. The song “Balladen om den väldige prästen” has also been dedicated to "the strong priest".