Next to Juuttaantie there is a protected rock that bears the year 1777. This is the rock thrown by Chaplain Johan Freytag, known as ‘the strong priest’. Freytag used to ride along Juuttaantie between Uusikaarlepyy and Munsala.


Near the “Freytag rock”, there is a signboard denoting the place where the home of Petter Klockars was located. Senior Juror Klockars (1752–1814) represented the estate of peasants at the Diet. He also acted as the speaker for peasants at the Porvoo Diet in 1809. He participated in delegations that negotiated with Emperor Alexander I of Russia the conditions based on which Finland (the eastern part of Sweden) would be incorporated into the Russian Empire after the lost war. A memorial to Klockars was unveiled in the centre of Uusikaarlepyy on 20 August 2009.


At the inn in Juutas, a stabbing took place in late autumn 1869, leading to the death of a man. Anders Vilhelm Andersson, aka Storholm’s Ville, was a young farmhand living in Munsala who was sentenced to death for manslaughter. However, the sentence was changed to ten years in prison, which for some reason was realised as expulsion to Siberia. Years later, a drinking buddy of Storholm’s Ville confessed on his deathbed to a priest that he was guilty of the stabbing. After being found not guilty, Ville established a family in Siberia and never returned to Finland.