Kreeta Haapasalo statue

Kreetanpuisto Kappelintie 22 Kaustinen

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The folk musician Kreeta Haapasalo (1813–1893) from Kaustinen began to travel around Southern Finland, reaching even St Petersburg and Stockholm. On her tours, she delighted people at different occasions with her songs and kantele playing.


She became a legend, and many of her songs are still played today. The devotedly beautiful “Mun kanteleeni kauniimmin” (My kantele will sound more beautiful) is one of her most popular songs.


Ilmari Wirkkala was interested in the life of Kreeta and her husband Joonas. He wrote a presentation and play about their life.


The idea of a statue emerged in Kaustinen after World War II. Kreeta’s statue, designed by Ilmari and sculpted by his youngest son Tauno, was inaugurated in 1954.