Welcome to the Rosenlund vicarage



The Rosenlund vicarage as a whole is a striking example of how strongly a well-protected and well-kept cultural heritage area speaks to a visitor interested in local history – both the built and narrative culture. Already in the 1930s, it was said that the ‘Aspegren spirit’ lingered among the buildings of the courtyard area and the neglected garden.


Today, the garden is in excellent condition and follows the design of the 1700s, which Aspegren carried out and paid for himself over a period of about twenty years. Many details in the garden comply with Aspegren’s original design, so there is every reason to talk about the ‘Aspegren spirit’ still floating around the area.


Several vicars have lived and worked in the Rosenlund vicarage, but Aspegren has a special place among them because of his enormous contribution to the vicarage and its surroundings. The large cowshed in the yard, built in Aspegren’s term in the 1770s, is also an interesting place to visit. In those days, it represented progressive agriculture.


In addition to offering exciting historical experiences, the Rosenlund vicarage is an ideal venue for cultural events, parties, meetings and culinary experiences.


Welcome to the Rosenlund vicarage!