Vicar Henric Aulin lived his last years as a solitary widower. His daughter had married a peasant, which could arouse condemnation in the contemporary class society. Father Aulin is said to have given his blessing to the marriage only on his deathbed. (Nils Storå: Torgare prästgård i Kronoby)


Johan Ludvig Runeberg visited the vicarage with his former classmates in the early 1820s. According to folk memory, Runeberg especially enjoyed the company of Vicar Fredrik Juvelius’ daughter Fredrika, often strolling with her on the nearby "lovers’ path" that led to a pond. Their relationship ended, but they kept in touch throughout their lives. In her later days, Fredrika published the poem collection Bleka Blommor (1870) – as far as is known, with financial support from Runeberg. (Nils Storå: Torgare prästgård i Kronoby)