The townspeople in Ostrobothnia thoroughly prepared themselves for the king’s visit, cleaning and decorating places. Due to Adolf Frederick’s busy travel schedule, the royal entourage is known to have stopped only for dinner at Uusikaarlepyy and passed Pietarsaari without stopping at all. They did have time, however, to stop by the road for a royal salutation. The king spent one night in Kokkola, where cows, pigs and dogs had been hidden from his eyes. (Nikander: Kuningas Aadolf Fredrikin käynti Kokkolassa v. 1752)


The king naturally had to stop at many localities on his journey. According to folk memory, the king and his entourage stopped to have a meal at Karby rock. In the Southern Ostrobothnian municipality of Kurikka, there is a rock that has been named Kusikivi (“pissing rock”) because it is said to have been used by the royal entourage for their basic needs. (Kusikivi)