Welcome to the Route of forest treasures and rangers



The forests of Central Ostrobothnia have always been full of treasures. “The green gold of Finland” has given people their daily bread, warmth and shelter. In the 1700s and 1800s, tar burning was an important source of livelihood, but it soon had to be limited because the forest was being depleted at an alarming rate. After the mid-1800s, forest administration and forest ranger positions were established for the supervision of state forests.


Tar production was a lengthy, multiphase working process requiring skill and diligence. Finnish forest rangers were interesting personas, each of them in his own way.


Along the route from Lestijärvi to Halsua, you can visit a wide variety of destinations related to the utilisation of forests and its supervision. The route begins from the Lappi house (Lapin talo) in Lestijärvi, but you can also start from the other direction, in Halsua.


Alongside interesting facts, the destinations and persons along the route offer fascinating stories.


Welcome to the Route of forest treasures and rangers!


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