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The cultural heritage route known as Tuohi-Antin maantie, literally “Birch-bark Anders’ road” starts from Perho. Vicar Anders Chydenius, nicknamed Birch-bark Anders, played a significant role in initiating the planning and construction of the road in the 1790s.


On this road from Perho to Veteli, you can visit historical destinations with very different time perspectives. The road probably made travelling easier at least for the residents of the tenant farm Lampuoti, the troops of Major von Fieandt, Finland’s national poet J. L. Runeberg, the theologian A.W. Ingman, the kantele player Kreeta Haapasalo and the school administrator Alfred Salmela – irrespective of whether they travelled on foot, by horse or by car in the 1900s.


In summer 1930, an aerobatic pilot may have been following this road with his biplane when flying from Vaasa to Perho – towards a disastrous public event.


At the time of the early Comb Ceramic culture, the road ran on the bottom of an ancient sea – without the ancient dwellers of Hautaketo knowing anything about it.


Welcome to Anders Road!


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