Lampuoti house

Salamajärventie 806 Perho


The Lampuoti tenant farm is said to have been purchased in the late 1600s from the Crown by Esko Laurinpoika Tiainen, who served in the Ostrobothnian regiment of the Sweden-Finland army and was widely known as a bloomery master, blacksmith, farmer and fisherman. Matti Lampuoti completed the present Lampuoti house presumably in the early 1800s, but its oldest parts are possibly from the 1740s. The last resident of the house was Hilda Lampuoti (1898–1996).


The house was uninhabited since the 1980s and due to be auctioned for tearing down, but the municipality of Perho rescued it by buying the house and the plot. Based on a decision by the Ministry of the Environment, Lampuoti was protected in 1999. It has now been renovated and restored to its original look.