Welcome to the Eskola forest railroad



The Eskola forest railroad, used by the state for timber transport, employed hundreds or even thousands of people in the village of Eskola and the neighbouring municipalities. Even though this railroad was closed in the early 1960s, its history is cherished in various ways.


There are Forest Railroad Museum destinations in various parts of Eskola. In the village centre, you can find the heart of the railroad: a locomotive shed renovated as a village hall and a museum locomotive in the yard. The miniature of the forest railroad in the yard of the multi-service centre Eskola house is an interesting destination, and the Eskola house offers lunch and coffee. At the forest railroad heritage centre, located near the summer theatre and lido of Eskola, you can also find a replica of the first locomotive used on the forest railroad.


The former roadbed can be explored on foot, by bike or by car. Participation in an organised hike on the forest railroad is an exciting way to see historical natural landscapes, but you can also travel along the route independently.


The forest railroad is an important part of Eskola because it has given the village its own special character, visible even today.


Come and explore this unique destination!


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