Welcome to the World of shipwrecks



Centuries of maritime activity have brought work and prosperity to Ostrobothnia as well as promoted cultural interaction in Finland as well as internationally. Diverse manual and business skills have been nurtured, which is visible in the area even today as an active production of high-quality ships. Seafaring has also been associated with romantic ideas of adventure on foreign seas and exciting ports. Many hopeful young people have signed up to work on ships on long and demanding oversea crossings.


Over the centuries, the sea has given Ostrobothnia a lot, but it has also taken a lot. A ship passenger, boater or someone walking over the ice does not readily think that alongside worldly success, there is a quiescent underwater world full of our material and immaterial cultural heritage, which is sometimes gloomy as well.


We will introduce you to some well-known shipwrecks located in the coastal areas of Pietarsaari, Luoto, Kokkola and Lohtaja. They represent only a small part of the numerous ships that have foundered in the seas of Ostrobothnia over the centuries. Some of the ships were even destroyed by human hand.


The beautiful coast and archipelago are perfect for enjoying nature, sea life, harbours and a wide variety of services. A moment of quiet reflection at a wreck or memorial can also leave a memorable trace on a traveller.


Welcome to the World of shipwrecks!


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