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The old vicarages and their courtyard areas that have survived to this day feature centuries of history in their material and immaterial cultural heritage. We will now explore Ostrobothnian vicarages, whose main buildings are from the 1700s or the very beginning of the 1800s. Over the course of time, the main buildings have naturally been altered, repaired and restored. In their courtyard areas, you can also see other well-preserved and well-kept buildings and cultural heritage destinations.


You can explore the vicarage route in any direction, both virtually and in person. The route from Pietarsaari via Kruunupyy and Kokkola to Lohtaja mainly follows the old Bothnian Coast Road. If you want to turn off to the more modern coastal road, the so-called seven-bridge road, it will lead you to the archipelago municipality of Luoto and its beautiful wooden church as well as the Marieholm vicarage, both from the late 1700s. This road, built towards the end of the 1800s, with its waterways and bridges is probably similar to the Bothnian Coast Road a couple of hundred years ago when the sea level was two metres higher than today.


All five vicarages and their surroundings are attractive cultural and historical destinations, genuinely worth seeing and experiencing. The services offered by these vicarages vary, so please find out the situation at each of them in advance. Along the route, you can find other interesting destinations as well.


Join us on the vicarage cultural route!


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