Welcome to the old Bothnian Coast Road



The building of Main Road 8 is one reason why the centuries-old Bothnian Coast Road from Vehmaa to Tornio has remained largely untouched and rather well preserved. The old coastal road route has naturally been improved and straightened in places over the years. The Finnish Transport Agency granted the Bothnian Coast Road the status of a national scenic route in 2010, so it is marked with large brown traffic signs.


The scenery along the Bothnian Coast Road has changed over the centuries as the sea has retreated from the road due to land uplift, but it is easy and worthwhile to turn off the road to see the Gulf of Bothnia. The coastal road features plenty of history, maritime life, nature, culture, stories and events.


This website introduces you to a 40-kilometre portion of the coastal road in Ostrobothnia, which can be explored by car or bike.


You can begin or end your journey at Finland’s Swedish School Museum (Svedbergin koulumuseo) in Munsala and at the Pedersöre courthouse (Pedersören Käräjätalo) in Pietarsaari. Both are historically valuable and well-preserved destinations. The other sights along the coastal road also portray the region’s cultural heritage with facts, stories and images.


Welcome to the old Bothnian Coast Road!



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