Welcome to the Old harbour route



Several parts of the old harbour of Pietarsaari are relatively well preserved. When you start this route from Satamakatu, you can visit destinations from the 1700s and 1800s that represent seafaring, shipbuilding, international trade and early industry. Unfortunately, wars have also left their mark on the structures and people in the area.


Because of land uplift, the harbour has been moved further and further north of the town centre over the centuries. Even today, you can see old loading docks and tar storehouses, and smell “tar floors” in the Kittholma area.


The history of sailing ships is present in the Vega hall, which features the war indemnity schooner Vega. At the pier next to it, rests Jacobstads Wapen, a replica of an 18th-century galleass. The boatyard Jakobstads Båtvarv, established in the early 1900s, also represents woodwork skills transferred from one generation to the next.


In Pavis you can dine and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this over century-old sailing pavilion. From here you can also see Varvet, a boatyard on the other side of the bay, where dozens of world-class sailing ships were built in the 1800s.


Welcome to the Old harbour route!


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