In Alma Söderhjelm’s work Jakobstads historia (1974/3, 185–187), the English troops’ attempt to conquer the old harbour in summer 1854 is described approximately as follows: Two enemy ships, Hekla and Oder, are menacingly approaching the harbour. The battle in Kokkola (Kaarlela) a little earlier – with artillery fire that was heard in Pietarsaari – causes anxiety among locals. Now it is close that the English find the route to the harbour of Pietarsaari as well. The harbour and the whole town would suffer the same fate as Raahe and Oulu: ships and storehouses would be burned down. Even human lives could be lost. Fortunately, the English ships do not succeed in navigation but turn back to the sea instead. A couple of days later, Peter Malm writes a detailed report on the events to a Russian warlord, General von Wendt, in Vaasa and hopes that he would send troops to Pietarsaari. Only in the late summer does Pietarsaari get soldiers and officers, and even then too few. Threatening situations continue in Pietarsaari in the following year as well.